Social Media change Web Design

Ever since the introduction of Social media as one of the major methods of communication online, it in avertedly changed how internet businesses work. Today, businesses are clamoring to find ways to utilize the power of social media to their advantage.


One of the main reasons why social media quickly caught the interest of businesses is its enormous number of users worldwide. Facebook, which is arguably the most famous social network, boasts more than a billion users. Other popular SM streams are, Google+, 300 million, LinkedIn, 259 Million, and Twitter, 232 Million to give you a picture. Tapping this incredibly large number of people will undoubtedly channel in traffic to business websites as well build the 3 R’s of Social Media, relevancy, relation, retention. SM is still defining itself and every evolving.


Website design now has to incorporate social media for it to continue to be relevant in a web culture that is changing rapidly. A simple search online will reveal thousands of options and resources for creating a website. But the website “thing” is simply not enough today. More than ever, you need to consider your approach to all of the required components of an “online hub” for marketing. This should include how you will present the value that you offer to your target customers. The need to enable rapid content creation & distribution in virtually any media, and to provide customer interaction through social media is a must today. Facilitating thought leadership, support community building, connecting, influencing and sharing through your content will help build your brand, and who you are as a company.


Another reason why social media grew in importance to internet marketing strategies is because of search engine providers such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Back in the days where search engines are in its infancy, SEO or search engine optimization methods often use keywords profusely that content online became less informative.


Because of this, Google updated their algorithms and now drastically limited the use of traditional SEO techniques and effectively negated the effects of keyword stuffing to a point. Now search engines are looking for fresh, informative and useful content online, thus eyes are on social media like no other time in history.


This made social media one of the major favorites of search engines to get fresh content. This made websites that are often included in posts, messages or have likes and followers increase ranks in search results. This brought social media into the major arenas for online marketing campaigns for getting you noticed. I call this, “Relational Marketing”.