Heartbleed - More than you think !

Heartbleed is more than a common virus, or just another bug out there, or hacker with nothing better to do.  STOP!   This one is a very serious and if not, the most exploit of hacking ever on the internet to date.  This affects about 95% of all users in the world. Why you may ask, well your ISP uses SSL.  Get in through SSL, your IN, period.

What does this mean ?
SSL is an important protocol for securing web traffic, and thus securing web requests for logins, order transactions, etc.. Like all web applications, must rely on web servers to correctly implement the SSL protocol. Web applications cannot patch the Heartbleed vulnerability, nor can most providers/developers mitigate its effects. However as a member of the internet community, we feel it's important to raise awareness of the risk and ensure that our users check that their server is protected.

How do I check if my server is protected?
Essentially, there are three ways you can verify if your server is protected:

1) You can open a support ticket with your hosting provider.
2) You can leverage a third party scanning tool via the web.
Below are three such sites that the community deems reputable and trustworthy. You simply enter your website (equipped with SSL) and it will let you know: 3) You can run a scanning tool locally on your server. One such tool is:

What do I do if my server is not protected?
Contact your local system administrator or hosting provider immediately! They will have the technical expertise to update the OpenSSL libraries on your server to protect your SSL communications going forward.

As reports come in, they has a far reaching affect on the internet world and security.  Again, this is nothing to take lightly.