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When designing a website, you require the services to be a professional website design. It would be more advantageous if you get the services of a company who not only understands the knowledge of online marketing to design your website, as this will bring in the business aspect of having a unique website. At Smart Web Solutions, we not only provide you with the team of experts to design the site for you, but we also add value to your website by putting in measures that wi...


SEO and Website Design

SEO and Internet Marketing and Professional Website Design

Before you can attract and retain your target audience to your website, you should first and foremost focus on how your potential visitors can easily find your website. Today, websites are designed not only for the purpose of creating a visually attractive site but also to create one that is SEO friendly. To make a name in the world of Internet marketing, it is important to have a professio...


Heartbleed - More than you think !

Heartbleed is more than a common virus, or just another bug out there, or hacker with nothing better to do.  STOP!   This one is a very serious and if not, the most exploit of hacking ever on the internet to date.  This affects about 95% of all users in the world. Why you may ask, well your ISP uses SSL.  Get in through SSL, your IN, period.

What does this mean ?
SSL is an important protocol for securing web traffic, a...